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First Omnichannel Virtual Assistant platform
NOVAONX - VIRTUAL ASSISTANT helps enterprises to automate marketing activities, manage customer data and customer interactions, optimize and increase marketing efficiency over 100%.
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Notable customers
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Why choose NovaonX
Marketing Automation
Send messages to the target audience through many different channels with free of charge.
Manage customer communication
Organize, categorize and statistically, centrally manage customer data from all your online channels.
Manage customer communication
Build automatic interaction flow, nurture sequence and automatic sales funnel through different channels such as Facebook Messenger, Email... in only one tool
Centralized reporting and analysis
Centrally manage, report and analyze data from various sources, classifying easily, and uniformly.
Increase effectiveness by 100%
Know, classify and understand customers from the first interactions. Increase conversion rate per reached customer.
NovaonX platform
Chatbot Platform and Sales Automation
Create sale automation and customer care chatbots. Send the right message to the right person at the right time via Facebook Messenger.
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Create High Converting Landing Page within 5 Minutes
Drag and drop landing page in 5 minutes, easy and fast conversion optimization, no technical knowledge required.
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Centralized social network management tool
Efficiently manage, analyze and optimize all social networks in one place
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Sales management tool in social media
Manage inventory, orders, reply to all comments and fanpage messages in only one interface. Deal orders automatically via Livestream, Comments to help to create campaigns to increase buying behavior.
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The impressive numbers replace the effective
claims that NovaonX Chatbot brings
Users interact with the system
Marketers & online shops
choose NovaonX
Conversations /month started
by NovaonX
Mr Luu Quoc Truong
CEO Binhminhaudio.vn
“NovaonX Virtual Assistant platform has saved me tens of millions of dong in advertising per month and increased revenue by 80%. I will definitely be a loyal customer of NovaonX.”
Mr Le Hong Tuan
CEO Smartbuy.vn
"It only takes me 15 minutes when creating a Landing page to run ads, the cost was too cheap, thanks NovaonX for providing a good tool."
Mr Mai Xuan Dat
"NovaonX toolkit is a package solution, helping to increase marketing efficiency by more than 100%.”
Mr Nguyen Van Phuong
CEO Sage Academy
"NovaonX helps you to attract customers, advertise and sell from content creation better , ad creation and optimization, sales, and post-sales nurture.”
Mr Truong Gia Toan
CEO Vinatext
“I saved advertising costs by remarketing to old customers via Chatbot”
Mr Tuan Ha
CEO Vinalink & VAG
“Today, NovaonX is essential in approaching the marketing campaigns of enterprises”
Mrs Phan Thi Thu Giang
CEO Bookin
“NovaonX helped me to improve my business results in the first month of use.”
Mr Tran Anh Tu
President of VMCC & CEO Interstella
A complete set of Virtual Assistant solutions in only one platform.
Increase sales efficiency with NovaonX
All in one platform to help your marketing campaign more effectively, sell more products over 100%.
Get started today with a 15 day free trial

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